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    Project Approval

    How to provide feedback on your video projects.

    Published: 04 October 2021
    Last updated: 04 October 2021

    As standard, we provide 1 round of major revisions during pre-production and 2 rounds of minor revisions during post-production.

    Major revisions are defined as any significant changes to the narrative of the story, edit, inclusion, and removal of entire scenes or VOs, change in soundtrack, and anything that significantly impacts the overall story or visual.

    Minor revisions are defined as any minor rearrangement, removal, edit, or addition of footage that won’t significantly affect the narrative or story such as audio levels and color balance.

    At certain stages during production we will share over project files for approval, which must be completed within two business days in order for the project to run smoothly.

    Major Revision

    The major revision comes at the end of the story development stage of pre-production.

    This typically consists of a few Google Docs files that will be shared via our project management system.

    Please provide feedback in the form of comments on these documents.

    How To Add Comments In Google Docs

    To add a comment in Google Docs, please highlight the text and select the blue speech bubble icon.

    You can then enter your comment here.

    Minor revisions

    Your minor revisions come during the post-production stage of the project. For this, we use a fantastic tool called Vimeo Reviews.

    Here we can collate your feedback with timestamps to the relevant part of your video.

    We will share a link to your Vimeo Reviews page on our project management system.

    How To Add Comments In Vimeo Reviews

    To add a comment in Vimeo Reviews simply visit the link we have shared with you.

    Click on the Play button and start watching your video.

    You can then click anywhere on the video to add a time-coded note.

    Enter your comment and click Add.

    You will then be prompted to either login to your Vimeo account (if you have one), create an account, or continue as a guest.

    If you don't already have a Vimeo account, we recommend you enter your name and click on Comment as guest.

    You can now continue to add comments where necessary.

    Still need help? Get in touch with our support team. No robots involved 🤖