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    How To Use Our Project Management System

    An overview of our project management system and how you can use it.

    Published: 04 October 2021
    Last updated: 04 October 2021

    To keep your project on track, and everyone involved in sync, we use a project management tool called Asana.

    While it may look daunting at first, Asana is a powerful and easy to use tool that will help to get the most out of your video projects.

    Asana is where all project communications will take place, sharing any documents and keeping track of deadlines.

    How To Access Your Asana Project

    During your kick start meeting, we will provide you with a link to your Asana project. Please bookmark this link as it will be used throughout the project. We will also send out an invite via email.

    When you receive the email, please follow the instructions to activate your account.

    How To Use Asana

    Now that your account is set up, you can begin to use Asana.


    Throughout the project, tasks will be assigned to either yourself or our team, and you will receive an email notifying you of this.

    Likewise, you will receive notifications for upcoming deadlines, if you have been tagged in a comment, or if a message has been sent to you.

    Please follow the instructions in these emails to respond.


    The overview page contains information about your projects, such as the different roles of the team, key resources, and the project's milestones.

    If you are working with us on an ongoing basis, there will also be a link to arrange a meeting to discuss additional video projects you may wish to pursue with your video subscription. Otherwise, please Schedule A Meeting here.


    The board is the central hub of your project and is made up of various columns.

    💡 Ideas

    The ideas column is home to any video ideas that are still to be discussed.

    🛑 On Hold

    The on hold column is for any projects that have been held up, and at risk of falling behind.

    📆 Up Next

    In up next you can find all of the projects that are next in the pipeline.

    In Progress

    In progress is home to all projects being actively worked on.

    🏆 Completed

    The completed column is where you will find all completed projects.

    📚 Templates

    Finally, in the templates column, you can find different projects templates for our services.

    You can ignore this column as it is primarily used by our team with project management.


    The calendar view will give you an overview of all project dealines.


    In the messages view you can finds all messages which are unrelated to a specific task or project.

    Creating A Message

    To create a message go to the Messages page, click on Send messages to members, add a subject, type your message and click send.

    In your message, you can use @ followed by a persons name i.e. @Izak Jackson and this will enable you to direct the message to them.

    Replying To Messages

    To reply to a message, go to the message, click on Reply to message..., enter your response and click on `Send`.


    On the board page, you can click on a project card to see more information about it.

    Here you can see when the project is due, what tasks are preventing it from completion, its priority, status and description.

    Below this, under the Subtasks section, you can see all of the project tasks, the due date, who it is assigned to, what subtasks it has and you can also access the comments for those sub-tasks - more on comments later.

    The Subtasks section is broken down into different stages depending on the project, such as 📝 Pre-Production or 📼 Post-Production.

    As you scroll down in the project, you can see any files that have been attached, as well as a timeline of project updates, file attachments and comments.

    Finally, at the bottom of the task you will always see a comments box where you can add and respond to project specific messages.


    Comments are the core of all project communications. If you have a question or a query, please add a comment to the relevant project and our team will respond asap.

    Likewise, we will add new comments throughout the course of the project when we want to share progress updates, or gather additional information to complete a task.

    Project Communication

    As we have mentioned, all communication should be kept to your Asana board in order to keep everything in one place and facilitate a smooth-running production.

    Still need help? Get in touch with our support team. No robots involved 🤖