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    How To Add Managers To Your YouTube Channel

    We need access to your YouTube channel when managing your video content. Here is how you can invite us.

    Published: 18 November 2021
    Last updated: 18 November 2021

    1. On YouTube, sign in as the owner of the brand account.
    2. In the top right, click your Account, then Settings.
    3. Under Account, select Add or remove manager(s).
    4. Click Manage permissions.
    5. Enter your password and re-authenticate.
    6. Choose Invite new users.
    7. Enter the email addresses of the managers you wish to invite.
    8. Below their names, choose their role. See below.
    9. Select Invite then Done.


    • Owners can take the most actions, and they control who manages the account. An account must have one primary owner.
    Note: Owners can take full actions on the channel. Examples include deleting the channel, removing other owners and designating others as either owners or managers.
    • Managers can use Google services that support Brand Accounts, like share photos on Google Photos or post videos on YouTube.
    Note that communications managers don't have access to YouTube channels.

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