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    Creating Comments

    Get to grips with our commenting system.

    Published: 29 September 2021
    Last updated: 01 October 2021

    To provide additional help, all of our posts have a members-only comments section. Please make sure you are logged in if you wish to leave a comment.

    Logged Out Comment Box

    Before leaving a comment, please familiarise yourself with our Community Guidelines.

    How To Add A Comment

    To add a comment, enter your comment and click Post.

    Logged In Comment Box

    How To Reply To Comments

    If you wish to reply to another users comment, click on Reply below their comment. You can then enter your reply and click on Post.

    If you wish to cancel your reply, click on Cancel reply.

    How To React To A Comment

    If you want to react to a comment, click on the heart icon below the comment.

    How To Change Your Reaction

    To change your comment reaction, click on the heart icon, then choose a new reaction.

    How To Edit A Comment Or Reply

    At this time it is not possible to edit a comment or reply.

    How To Delete A Comment, Reply Or Reaction

    At this time it is not possible to delete a comment, reply or reaction. If you wish to do so, please contact support.

    Still need help? Get in touch with our support team. No robots involved 🤖